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Enhance the expression of your user experience

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More user-friendly experience

Attract and surprise your user with the mobile application. Now everyone has a device on hand, and they can easily install the app and view the news on your website.

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Increases user appetite

Now that everyone has a mobile in hand, they can watch any news on mobile from anywhere. So mobile applications increase the interest in reading more than your website.

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Convert more user

Usually people use mobile phones more than laptops or desktops. That’s why mobile apps convert more users than your website. So, don’t miss the ability to maximize your earnings.

A tedious list of surprising features

See what you will get from the Newsportal App?

You will get numerous benefits from this app. Let’s see what inside the app:

Newspaper Apps customization

Easy to access news

After installation, the user will see the news by category. This app has two sections. One is popular news, and the other is trending news.

Newspaper Apps qr scanning

Multi-language supported

It supports all kinds of languages. The language used to post news on the web will be displayed in the app.

Easy bookmark process

A new bookmark option is also added to our app. If you like a news or magazine or blog, you can bookmark it and then view it at any time. So there is no possibility of losing favorite or important news.

Newspaper Apps fresh design

Neat and clean design

The design of this app is not very complicated. It is a user-friendly system with a fresh and clean design.

Newspaper Apps installation

All social platforms supported

All social media platforms integrate with this system. Anyone can easily share any news from this app.

Newspaper Apps features
Newspaper Apps user profile

Location-based weather

Here we have integrated location-based weather information. Wherever you go, you will immediately get the weather information of that place.

Newspaper Apps dynamic home page

Search with trending tag:

We have applied a trending tag option here. When someone searches through a trending tag, they will be able to see the news about that tag.

Newspaper Apps multi language support

Provide category-wise news:

Users will be able to view news by category. Like top stories, popular news, trending news, technology-related news, etc.

Newspaper pos invoice

Remarkable user interface

It is built with an amazing user interface that will attract the user more than before.

Effortless installation process

The installation process of the app is very simple. You do not need any additional coding knowledge for this.

How is the News portal App different from others?

This app is entirely different from others. The reason behind why it’s different:

  • Customers can Easily Use this App
  • It has several types of payment gateway
  • It can allow easy payment procedure
  • This app has more flexibility and accessibility
  • You can easily manage your system
  • It is one of the fast and secured systems
  • 100% responsive system
  • This apps is a fully complete package
  • It can be able to preserve time and money
  • Finally, this app can help to boost up your business with its dynamic management features.
Newspaper apps

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Yes, you can get unlimited users in this system.
Yes, you can change the app icon, splash screen, and nav bar logo.
Yes. You can get a custom language system.
Yes, it supports all kinds of language here.
Yes. It will provide six months of free technical support for the convenience of our customers.



Yes, you can get unlimited users in this system.
Yes. It will provide a custom language system.
Yes, you can change the app color according to your choice.
Yes, you can change the app icon, splash screen, and nav bar logo.
Yes. You can get a full source code when you purchase this package.
Yes. It will provide six months of free technical support for the convenience of our customers.

Upload Your APK on Google Play Store

First, you need to buy the main website. And then you have to purchase the app. After purchasing this app, you can upload it to the Google Play Store as your own app, and You can customize this application according to your business solution.

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Google playstore of Newspaper app
Why Need Newspaper App

An app is not only qualified for news publishing

This application is completely different from others. Here users will not only see the news, but also bookmark it to their liking, and then they can share it on many social sharing platforms.

Maximize user engagements with social sharing

Nowadays, people connect through social communication platforms. Many users will see the news when some users share it on Facebook, Instagram, or other sites. That’s how you can 10x your user engagement with this application.

Why Need Newspaper app
Why Need Newspaper app

A dedicated team works tirelessly to support a user at every step.

You may not understand how to set up the app at an early stage or how to use it. But you can feel stress-free because we have a dedicated team of experts who will help you every step of the way. Our support includes:

  • Response time within 2 or 3 hours.
  • A phone call, live chat, WhatsApp, Skype, or mail support.
  • Provide installation-related support if you face any issue.
  • An expert team will guide you through each step of the system settings.

Essential modules of News portal App

Eye-catching news display

It has an amazing news display system where users can view and read news or magazines, or blogs. News is presented in a very cohesive manner which will make anyone interested in reading. People can't help but look at such attractive displays.

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Newspaper Apps Eye catching display
Top Stories of Newspaper app

View top stories

Top Stories - A headline story, running on the front page of a newspaper, on the front page of a news website or in the top headlines of a broadcast news program. It has a top story option from where users can see the latest news.

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Popular and trending news system

It has both popular and trending news sections From where all kinds of popular and trending news will display.It is something like everyone is talking about and everyone is sharing their opinions on it .Users can choose and read according to their choice.

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Newspaper app Trending News
Bookmark solution of Newspaper

News bookmark solution

Bookmark is saving something. Using this option, you can save shortcuts to your favorite news or blog. And then you can find it anytime from your save option and you can read it. This will make users happier than before.

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Trending tag system:

Some tags are already set up here by default. When users will search by tag then they will see the tag-related news, magazine, or blog. Like if you want to see some cricket related news then you can search by #cricket. After that all cricket related news will show there. That’s how the trending tag system works.

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Newspaper apps
Newspaper apps

Location-based weather information system

In this app, you will get location-based weather news, and the information is updated in real-time. Wherever you go, if you have on location in the location symbol, you will immediately get the weather information of that place.

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Social media sharing

Social media is going to be part and parcel of your modern life. Social media sharing is crucial to increase the popularity of your news portal. If a user likes a news item, they can instantly share it on any social networking platform.

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Newspaper apps

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Newspaper apps Order Management

Update in real-time

See what's updating in your app in real-time before it's released. If you modify something then you can see the changes instantly. This will help you confirm your decision before publishing.

Instant save

You can instantly save the news that you would like to read again and again. So there is no fear of losing your favourite news, blog or magazine. You can read it at any time.

No time limitation

There are no barrier rules here. Users can see the news at any time. So there is not any kind of time limitation. This will save their time and make them more credible about your applications.