“WE”,” US”,” OUR”, “COMPANY” are sincerely devoted to respect and safeguard the privacy of everyone who visits the Bdtask Inc website. Bdtask Inc is a software development company, [collectively hereinafter referred to as “Bdtask Inc”].

Bdtask Inc specialized in fabricating customized & ready-made software solutions, website development, mobile app development, theme design & development service.

Every member of Bdtask Inc is a separate legal entity that depends on the purpose of processing, we act as a data controller of the website and service users' personal data.

The main objective of this privacy policy; is to notify you “how and “where” we use users’ personal data also refer as [“personal information” & “personal identification”] and also inform you of the rights; you as a “user” get in exchange of personal information.

Moreover, Bdtask Inc holds the cookies policy, so that users get a better user experience; simultaneously ensuring the safety of our website. “We”, “Bdtask Inc” ask for consent to use the cookies at the initial phase of the visit.

Information Bdtask Inc Collects

Bdtask Inc, collects a very minimum level of information from the visitors' personal information, without which Bdtask cannot operate, fulfill your request, or reach the other purpose. The personal information of Bdtask Inc is very GENERAL [full name, contact number, phone number, and email].

We collect, use and store users’ personal data. Here is the following kind of personal data Bdtask Inc collects:

  • Information you provide during the communication process with us; through this website. Which includes full name, phone number, email address, company name, or geographical location.
  • Information you provide in your CV while applying for a job in Bdtask Inc. includes full name, phone number, work experience, education qualification, email address, birth date, training, etc.
  • The page you visit, the date & time, the duration of your stay, IP address, the type of browser & and its version, the operating system & and its version, and the city or state you accessed from.
  • Information you provide at your own wish or to participate in our events.
  • While providing our service or fulfilling the necessary procedures in order to sign different legal documents; we might collect information through third-party [clients, suppliers, business partners].

If any visitor or user thinks Bdtask Inc, has collected an excessive amount of personal information, then he/she have the full right to contact us and raise his/her concern.

“We”, Bdtask Inc never intentionally collects any kind of personal/ sensitive information of the users or visitors. Bdtask Inc collects only information, that is legal or needed to provide the service.

While using the website Bdtask Inc, strictly discourage providing such sensitive information to our visitors or users. Sensitive information; for instance racist comments, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, genetic data, biometric data, sexual orientation, and criminal records.

Reason Bdtask Inc Collect Data

“We”, Bdtask Inc, will use the collected personal information depending on the mutual relation of the relationship.

The main purpose Bdtask Inc is to divide the collected data into several units based on the different legal grounds.

Bdtask Inc Legitmate Interest:

Our legitimate interest is to establish a trustable, stable, and loyal business relationship so that we can provide our service to the legal entity you work for or your organization; so that we can provide you our service without any hesitation or any kind of confusion. “We“, Bdtask Inc, will utilize the information for arranging “signing any kind of contractual document”, to promote our service, or to comply with other types of regulation or requirements regarding anti-corruption or money laundering.

  • If you as a “visitor” or “user” get connected through our website, we will process your full name, email address, phone number, organization name, and geographical location.
  • So that we can quickly reach you and solve your query or mutually sit for a virtual call or meeting regrading to the query.
  • Our main purpose is to provide you with the most appropriate information and fulfill all the asked queries due to the quickest and most effective way.
  • If you’re a representative of your company, clients, suppliers, or business partners; “We”, Bdtask Inc will collect your full name, contact number, email, and position.

Bdtask Prioritize Your Consent

  • We collect different personal information of “visitors” or users by the use of cookies on our website. Personal information such as; full name, date & time, the page you visited, time duration spent on the page, IP address, the browser used & its version, and the geographical location.
  • If you visited our website for the purpose of applying for a job, we also collect the information you provide to us but isn’t included in your CV, so that we can assist you for a suitable position.
    Information such as; full name, contact details, date of birth, work experience, education and on/off the job training details, family status, salary expectations, professional interests, languages, etc.

Cookies Policy

As informed early starting of the privacy policy, Bdtask Inc collects personal information of the visitor and users through different cookies.

In fact Bdtask Inc, at the first glance of your visit to our website, we will notify you about the “cookies”, through a notification box. And by you clicking the “Accept It” button, you declare consent to provide your personal information to our website.

Just to be informed that all the cookies are placed in your computer device and only work if your click the “accept it” button.

Bdtask Inc collects personal information and the details of your visits only through Google analytics. We use “Google Analytics” so that we can record, analyze, and the duration of the stay.

As a result, we can improve the experience of the user interface. By using Google Analytics, we can track down the users' experience, web traffic, and users interaction too.

The Following Categories Of Cookies:

Functionality Cookies:

These cookies will track down the choice user make but cannot record the browser activity.

Performance Cookies:

These cookies are recognized as third-party cookies from vendors, who have worked with us previously or been worked on the behalf of us, for some reason use the Bdtask website. The information we collect for instance; browser version, operating systems used, the domain name of the website previously visited, number of visits, the average duration of visit, and pages most viewed. The only purpose of collecting that information is to improve the website user experience.

Advertising And Social Media Cookies

These cookies are only used to "deliver more relevant advertisements" which will match the user's interests, limit the number of times you see an advertisement, assist us to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign; and understand users’ behavior after they view an advertisement.

Who Can Access Your Personal Data

We don't disclose any kind of visitors' or users' data to anyone, it only preserved Bdtask Inc, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager, to improve our website and advertising campaigns. Bdtask Inc doesn’t maintain any kind of third parties.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Envato
  • Hot Jar

Rights In Relation To Users Personal Data

Internationally we exercise all following rights in relation to personal information.We only capture the browser cookies

Retention Of Your Personal Data

“We”, Bdtask Inc gathers or collects data of visitors or users only to use them for re-marketing purposes.

The website of Bdtask Inc uses such cookies to improve its user experience while users or visitors navigate through the website.

Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored in the users' browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.


Accepting Cookies are absolutely necessary for using our website so that you can function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensure the basic functionalities and security features of our website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Not necessary

Any cookies that may not be necessary for using our website to function properly and are specifically used to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, are termed as non-necessary cookies.