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Top 12 PHP Blogging Platforms and CMS in 2024 (Handpicked)

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10

Are you concerned about expeditious blogging platforms? Do you want to purchase a PHP blog platform for your content business? Then you are in the right place. This article can answer all your questions to help you find the best blog system. This article will illuminate all of your confusion. Also, you will get an overall comparison between the top 12 PHP blogging platforms and CMS from this article.

Before purchasing any PHP blog software, you must understand which PHP script will be perfect for your business. In this article, I will evaluate the handpicked top PHP blog scripts that will be very conducive to you for comparing the features and quickly identifying the best PHP blog platform. Now, I will discuss some concerning factors of this article in the following sections.

Before beginning the primary substance, let's take a while to introduce the definition of a PHP blogging script and its purposes, the necessity of a self-hosted blogging platform, and how to choose the best PHP blog platform.  

Clarification of a PHP Blog Script or a Content Management System (CMS)

Nowadays, PHP development is becoming so popular. PHP is used for developing various applications like email marketing applications, restaurant software, chatting applications, ecommerce websites, enterprise applications, social networking applications and blogging websites. PHP blogging script refers to a software solution that can help to maintain a content management business properly. Thus, a blogging platform with PHP script is also known as a content management system. It can provide a combined solution for managing any content, such as uploading or deleting posts, editing posts, comments, posting categories, etc. 

These web applications can increase working efficiency with its automation features and modules. Also, it assists you in reducing the working error. So, a PHP blog script can boost your business revenue. 

Why Need a Self-Hosted Blogging Platform?

Self-hosted blogging platforms refer to a platform that can allow the installation of blogging software on your web server. In a self-hosted content management system, you can manage every single thing in your blog. So, it is free from any third-party access, and you can get a secure and comfortable hosting system rather than a third-party hosting service. The self-hosted blogging platforms have such diverse amenities, which are discussed below.

Pros of a Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

  • You have all over control in your system. Maintaining your blog post, blog design, layout, etc. 
  • It can help to enhance your branding promotion.
  • It can provide enough space and bandwidth for performing smooth applications.
  • You can get any customization capability for ranking your content.
  • This process will help to increase your business revenue.
  • You can get continuous support by using self-hosted blogging platforms.

How to Choose a PHP Blog Software?

When choosing a blogging platform with PHP, you must consider several factors to ensure you select the right platform for your needs. Also, the right script will ensure you do not have to face any PHP website hosting issues. Here are some key considerations for choosing the best PHP blog software:

Purpose: First of all, you should determine the purpose of your blog. Are you creating a personal blog, a professional portfolio, a news website, or a corporate blog? Different PHP blog platforms may have varying features and functionalities tailored to specific purposes.

Ease of Use: You should look for PHP blogging platforms which have user-friendly interfaces and intuitive content management systems (CMS) so that you can create, edit, and manage your blog without technical expertise.

Customization Options: Assess the level of customization offered by the PHP blog platform. Can you customize the design, layout, and overall look of your blog to align with your branding and personal preferences? Look for themes, templates, and plugins/extensions that allow for easy customization.

SEO Friendliness: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for gaining visibility and organic traffic. Ensure that the PHP blog platform you choose offers SEO-friendly features, such as customizable URLs, meta tags, XML sitemaps, and the ability to optimize content for search engines.

Responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's essential to select responsive PHP blog software that provides a seamless browsing experience across different screen sizes and devices.

Security: Protecting your blog from vulnerabilities and potential attacks is vital. You should choose a PHP blogging platform that prioritizes security measures such as regular updates, secure coding practices, and robust authentication mechanisms.

Community and Support: Check the availability of a strong community and support system around the PHP blog software. Active communities, forums, and reliable customer support can be valuable resources for troubleshooting, getting advice, and expanding your knowledge.

Scalability: Consider your future growth plans. Will the PHP blog script accommodate your needs as your blog grows? You should look for scalability options, such as handling increased traffic, adding new features, and integrating with third-party services.

Cost: Evaluate the cost of the blogging platform with PHP. Some options may be open-source and free, while others may require a one-time purchase or a subscription. Also, consider your budget and the value provided by the software concerning your specific requirements.

Reviews and Recommendations: Research and read reviews from other users or bloggers who have experience with the PHP blogging platform you are considering. Their insights can offer valuable perspectives and help you make an informed decision.

Considering these factors, you can choose a PHP blog software that aligns with your goals, offers the features you need, and provides a seamless blogging experience for you and your readers.

List of Top 12 PHP Blogging Platforms and CMS 

Whether you are a passionate writer, a business owner looking to establish an online presence, or an enthusiast seeking to share your expertise, this curated list of PHP Blog Scripts has something for everyone. These platforms have been carefully selected for their powerful features, flexibility, and ease of use to empower bloggers and content creators. This list will help you to discover the best PHP blog software for your blogging journey.

Now, let's dive into the top 12 PHP blogging platforms to find the suitable one for you.

1. News365

News365 is mainly a blogging platform with PHP script designed for newspaper portals, magazine blogs, and video newspapers. Bdtask builds this PHP blog software using the Codeigniter framework. It offers one of the best blog systems. You can quickly and accurately manage this system without any coding knowledge. This system has multiple themes so that you can use anyone. Also, you can get complete documentation and some video tutorials for setting up this system. It can help to enhance your working capabilities and create a dynamic content management system.  


Features of News365

  1. Fully responsive system
  2. Dynamic news portal, magazine, and blog system
  3. Customization system
  4. Three different layouts on the category page
  5. Multi-language support system
  6. All browser support system
  7. Have a comment system
  8. Easy to blog posting 
  9. Neat and clean code
  10. Four separate user interfaces and many more!

2. Instant Blog

Instant Blog is designed for multi-purpose blog posts and magazines. Moreover, this system can help to create instant Facebook articles and Google AMP pages. It has a dynamic admin panel, and you can manage all internal activities from this. Instant Blog software is developed using Laravel 5 and Bootstrap four frameworks. Using this software, you can handle your posts, categories, users, and settings efficiently. Also, you do not need to worry about the ad management system because you can get an ad management system in this software.

Instant Blog

Features of Instant Blog

  1. Fast and secure system
  2. 100% responsive & mobile-optimised system 
  3. Ads management system
  4. Social sharing option
  5. Easy to register and login
  6. SEO friendly system 
  7. Provides RSS feed reader system
  8. An auto-embedded system with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
  9. It provides a dynamic form for creating a post
  10. Simple and easy to use, and many more!

3. Newspaper

Newspaper is mainly a PHP script allowing us to create a content management system. You can create news, magazines, and blog portals using this script. So, you can use this script for various purposes. Thus, developers can easily customize it. This script is built by JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. Moreover, this system may provide strong SQL protection to protect your system from any hacking or injection.


Features of Newspaper

  1. Fully secured system
  2. Time scheduling setup system
  3. Allows the role permission system
  4. 100% responsive design 
  5. Dynamic admin panel
  6. Easy to manage & maintenance 
  7. Integrated with the Facebook comment system
  8. Provides multiple themes
  9. The attractive front-end design
  10. Cross-browser support system and more!

4. Viavi

Viavi is another simple php blog platform that can be used for news, magazine, and blogging platforms. The Laravel framework designs it. Using this script, you can get an amazing layout, functions, and many advanced tools to manage the entire system properly. Also, it can allow only the admin and editor to operate the system. So, this system can create a secure platform with the help of rich features and flat design. 


Features of Viavi

  1. Fully responsive design
  2. Variant layout color
  3. Statistical dashboard
  4. Widgets management system
  5. Page layout management system
  6. Includes with social sharing option
  7. Provides custom code for header & footer
  8. Creates unlimited categories & news
  9. Easy to install & use
  10.  Includes SEO, friendly URLs, and more! 

5. phpBlog

phpBlog is one of the simple and updated PHP Blogging Platforms. It is a multi-purpose content management system that can be used for blogs, company and agency websites, magazines, news portals, etc. This system is developed by procedural PHP and without any framework. So, you can customize it with the help of developers. You can also get lots of exclusive features in this system that help manage your business efficiently. 


Features of phpBlog

  1. Lightweight, responsive, and user-friendly system
  2. Fast and secure system
  3. Integrated with HTML editor
  4. Provides comment system
  5. Custom pagination system
  6. Dynamic layout system
  7. Custom Widgets system
  8. Statistical dashboard system
  9. Accessible to user login and registration
  10. Newsletter system, and many more!

6. Laramagz

Laramagz is typically a Laravel news and blogging script. You can use this content management system as a news, magazine, and blog portal. Moreover, this can be able to provide a complete solution for your blogging purpose. The Laramagz is developed by the Laravel 7 framework that is integrated with the AdminLTE template. If you are a developer, this system is more suitable because it is built in the Laravel framework, and you can easily modify it and create a front-end website based on Bootstrap.      

Key Features of Laramagz

  1. Powerful admin panel
  2. Have a responsive website
  3. Role permission system
  4. CSRF protection system
  5. Well defined documentation
  6. Integrated with the DISQUS comment system
  7. Google API analytics
  8. Easy to customize and maintenance 
  9. Allows CRUD operation 
  10. Combined with AJAX and much more!

7. Maan News- Laravel Magazine Blog & News PHP Script

Maan News is a cutting-edge, dynamic Laravel PHP blogging platform designed to revolutionize your news portal. Whether you run a newspaper, magazine, blog, or community-driven platform, Maan News offers a modern and imaginative design that captivates your target audience effortlessly.

Key Features of Maan News:

  • Responsive Design: Seamlessly adapts to every device, ensuring a flawless browsing experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Category Posts & Sliders: Easily organize and showcase posts and sliders based on categories.
  • Popular Post: Highlight the posts that matter most to you in the dedicated section.
  • Breaking News: Instantly share your latest and most important news for immediate attention.
  • Video News: Embed videos from popular platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion, or uploaded videos from local storage.
  • Image Gallery: Easily share captivating images, managing them in customizable categories.
  • Responsive Ad Integration: Effortlessly monetize your site by incorporating and managing ads through the admin panel.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: Completely control your posts, videos, pages, categories, and more with the intuitive and robust admin panel.

Maan News empowers you to create a dynamic and engaging online news platform, providing your readers with a seamless and immersive browsing experience. Stay ahead of the game with Maan News and unleash the full potential of your news portal.

8. Maro Photographer CMS

Maro Photographer CMS is a specialized PHP script designed exclusively for photographers, photography studios, and anyone who desires a stylish platform to showcase their stunning photos and portfolios. This CMS has been carefully crafted to meet your needs. It emphasises user experience which will empower you to create a magnificent website without any coding knowledge required

Top Features of Maro Photographer CMS

  • Secure System: Comprehensive protection against SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF ensures the safety of your data.
  • User-friendly Admin Control Panel: Take full control of your website easily and flexibly.
  • Easy Installation and Usage: No coding expertise is necessary, making it accessible to users of all levels.
  • Flexible and Intuitive Control Panel: Seamlessly manage your website's content and settings.
  • SEO Friendly: Enhance your website's visibility on search engines, including optimized features for the website, blog, and albums.
  • Stunning Design: Enjoy an impressive website and admin panel design that captivates your visitors.
  • Fully Responsive: Your website and admin panel will adapt seamlessly to various devices.
  • Clean and High-Performing Code: Benefit from efficient code that ensures smooth performance.
  • Easy Customization: Tailor your website to reflect your unique style and branding.
  • Interactive Engagement: Enable comments, sharing, and reactions on session galleries and blog posts using Disqus.

Maro Photographer CMS empowers photographers to create an exceptional online presence, effectively showcasing their talent and captivating their audience with an immersive visual experience.

9. Active Newspaper CMS

Active Newspaper CMS script is primed with easy yet effective tools to make your online business flourish. So whether you are a Journalist or Blogger, Active Newspaper CMS is ready to take the challenge. It is designed with a completely responsive front-end & admin panel structure using the latest Bootstrap. It’s suitable for browsing from any device like on a desktop or laptop, tab or iPad, or for a smartphone.

Active Newspaper CMS

Features of  Active Newspaper CMS

  • Admin panel to manage news reporters and bloggers, video uploads, and polls
  • Social login
  • Social Share
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Easy News Management
  • Premium Advertisement
  • Fully Manageable Front-end
  • PHP script with blogger, admin, and user feature

10. Infinite

If you want a blog and magazine CMS script, then you can try Infinite. The CodeIgniter framework develops Infinite software. This script is mainly a multi-purpose content management system because you can use it for blog and magazine portals. It can also provide a smooth ad management system that helps to promote your business successfully. 

Features of Infinite

  1. Fast and secure system
  2. Easy to operate & SEO optimized
  3. Diverse layout options
  4. Variant theme with dark mode
  5. Allows multiple authors
  6. RTL support system
  7. Allows only three membership roles - admin, author & user
  8. Easy to manage contact messages
  9. Allows authentication system
  10. It provides advanced settings options and much more!

11. Blog Master Pro

Blog Master Pro is developed with the latest Laravel framework to add and manage posts efficiently. So, the website owner can maintain all activities easily. It helps to provide a secure blogging system. Also, you can use this system for high-availability websites. Most importantly, this system can allow you to create unlimited pages and get various useful features that will help manipulate your business.

Features of Blog Master Pro

  1. SEO friendly system
  2. Allows print, CSV, PDF, and download
  3. Separate dashboard for admin, author & user
  4. Multi-author support system
  5. Auto pagination support system
  6. Allows a two-factor authentication system
  7. Provides complete documentation 
  8. Password reset option
  9. Allows all kinds of social sharing option
  10. Newsletter system and more!

12. MokoCMS

MokoCMS is another news and blog portal CMS script. This system is built-in procedural PHP and without any framework. So, the developers can customize it easily. There is no necessity to be so expert in programming knowledge to operate this system. Moreover, you can manage all functionalities from the admin panel. Also, you can get lots of features that can help to manage your content management system easily. 

Features of MokoCMS

  1. Attractive user interface
  2. Free from any kind of SQL injection and XSS attack
  3. Multi-level user management system
  4. Dynamic admin panel
  5. SEO friendly & organized system
  6. Cross-browser support system
  7. Easy to install and use
  8. Provides customization system
  9. Adding unlimited categories, posts, pages, etc.
  10. Allows DISQUS comment installation plugin and many more!


In this article, you attain a comparison analysis between the top 12 PHP blogging platforms and content management systems. But, have you got your desired PHP blog script? I hope you already find your preferred one.  If you are still confused about which one is best for your business, I suggest trying the News365 blogging platform, which will be the best blog system for your business. So, it's high time to buy the News365 script for promoting your business dynamically.

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